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Cat Heart Disease

cardiomyopathy. Other causes include defects and hereditary conditions. For example, a birth defect may compromise the proper structure and function of the heart, resulting in heart disease. Also, certain breeds of cats are more predisposed to developing certain types of cardiomyopathy than are other breeds. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is particularly prevalent among breeds such as Maine Coon cats, Persians, American Shorthairs, and Ragdoll cats.

Cat Congestive Heart Failure

The job of a cat’s heart is to pump blood to its entire body. Any abnormality in the heart can decrease its ability to perform that task. When the function of the heart is compromised, fluid can accumulate in the lungs and other body cavities. This is what congestive heart failure is. Causes in Cats • If a cat is born with a congenital defect, it can lead to CHF • Any degeneration of the valves of the heart • • Cardiomyopathy, which is a disease…

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