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Dog Liver Failure

…AgentsDrugs • Pain medications such as acetaminophen (), antibiotics, , anesthetics and anti-parasite medicationToxins • Toxins produced by mold or fungi • Amanita phylloides mushroomsInfections • Leptosporosis • Canine hepatitis Things such as heat stroke, treatments, shock or any form of circulatory failure can also cause liver failure.Signs and Symptoms • A yellow tint to the skin and/or mucus membranes called • • • • Stupor followed…

Dog Leptospirosis

…and erythromycin may eliminate the carrier state. To reverse kidney failure, supportive therapy can restore urine production, kidney filtration and blood flow. For severe liver disease that may result in bleeding disorders, a transfusion may be in order. Special precautions can help reduce the risk of contagion to humans and other animals. Infected canines can be quarantined. Blood, urine and tissues are biologically hazardous waste.…

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