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Dog Influenza

…lung lobes. Other diagnostic testing options include Flu antigen ELISA kit (Becton-Dickinson Flu-A kit) and PCR that include nasal swabs.Treatment No vaccine exists as a preventative measure. Practising good hygiene can help prevent transmission between infected and uninfected dogs. Clean hands, equipment, clothes, surfaces after exposure to canines with signs of respiratory illness. Canine Influenza persists less than one week locally. Infected…

Lyme Disease

…less than five percent of canines in an endemic area exhibit clinical signs. This disease may be multi-systemic. Signs may include myocarditis, inflammatory joint disease, kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, or in rare cases, neurologic disease. Lyme Disease has three stages of development. The first stage involves an expanding rash occurring three to thirty days after the bite. One or more rash sites may appear. Flu symptoms may develop. The…

Dog Brucellosis

…tissues. With the majority of pet owners who are not engaged in breeding, brucellosis is of less concern; however, any dogs that will be used for breeding must be regularly screened for the disease. If humans contract the canine version of brucellosis, there will be flu-like symptoms that are usually not particularly severe. It is most frequently contracted by handling still-born pups without proper protection and disinfection. Human-to-human…

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