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Canine Flu

Dog Flu Outbreak: Everything Pet Owners Need To Know

Florida’s dog flu outbreak has officially spread to Tennessee, according to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Late last month, Florida health officials confirmed at least a dozen cases of canine influenza that is believed to have spread from dog shows in DeLand, Florida and Perry, Georgia. All affected dogs are currently being […] The post Dog Flu Outbreak: Everything Pet Owners Need To Know appeared first on Pet…

Canine Flu Vaccine

Most dog owners do not realize how dangerous the Canine Flu virus is, until their dogs are struck down by it, like Nicole Kirk’s black Labrador, Moose. Even though most dogs who contract the canine flu, recover fairly quickly, Moose didn’t. He ended up in the veterinarian hospital for about a week on an IV, […] The post Canine Flu Vaccine appeared first on Pet Wellbeing.

Canine Influenza

Late last year Canine Influenza was in the news. It was predicted that our canine friends were likely to suffer from the flu this year. If we look at the rate of dog-flu cases reported at major veterinary labs, we find that this is a lack luster year for dog flu. New York City and […] The post Canine Influenza appeared first on Pet Wellbeing.

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