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Flea Anemia

…is not allergic a flea infestation can easily go unnoticed. For this reason, it is important that you regularly inspect your pet for fleas. Fleas will cause the appearance of small black spots, almost like pepper, throughout your pet’s coat. These spots are actually your pet’s blood that has been sucked out to feed larval fleas. Outdoor animals, especially young kittens and puppies, are at high risk for flea anemia caused by flea infestations.…

Cat Fleas

…evidence of a flea presence. Flea dirt may be visible on your cats skin as well as on its bedding. Flea dirt looks like tiny dark specks and is actually flea excrement made up of a combination of digested blood and other flea waste products. Finally, you may actually be able to spot the fleas themselves as they move about on your cats skin. If you comb through your pets fur and see tiny black dots scurrying for cover, you will have found fleas.…

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