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…non-aggressive and even-tempered dispositions. Barbets are excellent sheepdogs and retrievers. Theyre also great swimmers and love water. Training: Barbets are obedient and intelligent dogs and are very trainable.Activity: Barbets are very active animals that require regular exercise.Ownership: While this breed can tolerate living in the city, it cannot be confined or left alone for long stretches of time. Barbets require plenty of exercise every…

Pont Audemer Spaniel

…of Origin: France.History: It is believed that the Pont Audemer Spaniel was developed in France during the nineteenth century. While the breeds exact ancestry remains unknown, it is possible that the Irish Water Spaniel, Barbet, and perhaps the Poodle are all part of the Pont Audemer Spaniels genetic makeup. By the arrival of the twentieth century, this breed was quite rare and still remains so today.Name: An alternative name for the Pont Audemer…

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