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Long Term Heart Failure Therapy

…is easier to pump meaning the heart can conserve energy. Another standard prescription is for a drug that inhibits the production of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). ACE promotes the production of angiotensin which essentially works to constrict blood vessels. ACE inhibitors reduce these effects thereby allowing the blood vessels to remain open. This decreases blood pressure and also makes it easier for the heart to pump. Essentially,…

Cat Congestive Heart Failure

…animal hospital. During that time your cat will most likely have oxygen, a diuretic (water pill) and nitroglycerine. Other treatments can include: • removal of the fluid around the lungs • water pills • nitroglycerine • ACE inhibitors which block some of the hormones that circulate during heart failure. They also prevent salt retention • A low salt diet • lanoxin or other form of digoxin that will regulate the heart beat • Dietary supplements The…

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