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Seizure Medication

Milk Thistle for Dog Liver Disease

…Thistle provides useful health support when your canine is being treated with things like: * Anti-inflammatories: NSAIDS and Steroids * Chemotherapy agents * Bile acid * Immunosuppressants * Seizure medication * Sulfa antibiotics * Daily heartworm medications Milk Thistle is gentle enough for long-term use. Healthy Nutrition Tip for Your Dog's Liver Processed foods stress your dog’s liver as it attempts to detoxify the preservatives and…


Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease

…anti-oxidants, silymarins are even more effective than Vitamin E. Milk Thistle is useful health support when being treated with things like: * Antibiotics * Corticosteroids * Chemotherapy agents * Conventional heartworm medication Milk Thistle is a natural, herbal supplement that is gentle enough for long-term use. What is Liver Disease? There are many different types of liver disease and they should be diagnosed by a veterinarian . Liver disease…

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